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  • This morning I had just dyed my hair bright red. But after dying my hair it had to quickly get dressed and then head off to the enchanted forest to go see my uncle for the first time in a few years. Any way I was in a rush so I just put on the things I saw then ran out the door. And what that was a pair of red skinny jeans and a sweater shirt thing. But then, later that day I had to volunteer at the Red Cross. Cause that’s just how I roll. I volunteer at blood drives. Any way, I had to quickly come home and change into my volunteer Red Cross shirt that is also red. So I finally get to the blood drive and the coordinator looks at me and says “Wow, you must a real supporter of the Red Cross.”
    I then realize that the only thing that isn’t red that I’m wearing is my shoes. And they started to call blood drop for the whole 5 hours I was there volunteering for them. XD

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    I can’t believe this

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  • "What are you doing?"
    He moans, half asleep as you turn over and nuzzle your way under his chin to his warm, comforting chest.
    You respond, pulling your arms in and gripping on to the thin tang top he always wore to bed. A tired smile forms to his lips as he drapes his arm over you and slides his other arm under the pillow that your head rests on.
    His eyes open slightly again to look at the digital clock that sits on your nightstand. Another groan escapes him while he pulls your body into a tight hold. He stretches out his legs, lifting his upper leg in the process. You quickly slip your leg between his wrapping your leg around his lower leg and pulling him closer. Keeping him in a trap that he had no interest in escaping.
    Chuckling softly, he lowers his leg gently to drape over her lower extremity now.
    “You seem very cuddly this morning. Is there something the matter?”
    Nuzzling your head even deeper into his chest you moan tiredly.
    “You talk too much.”

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    The Shape of Ideas

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  • Sometimes you just gotta say it

    "Fuck it, I’m in love with them."

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    Can we just talk about how adorable this is though? Both of the dudes were like “omg I’m so scared, I don’t really want to kill this guy what do I do” then each simultaneously went “I know! Ill put blanks in so I won’t kill this guy and ill take the bullet for him, I mean he probably has a nice family or a cutie lil puppy or something” and then when it came time for the duel, one dude went “I’M SO SCARED TO DIE THIS ISN’T HOW I IMAGINED TODAY WOULD GO WHEN I WOKE UP THIS MORNING” and he fainted and the other guy went “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK I DIDN’T EVEN PULL THE TRIGGER WHAT ABOUT THE PUPPY”

    1873: The last duel in what is now Canada occurred in August 1873, in a field near St. John’s, Newfoundland (which was not Canadian territory at the time). The duellists, Mr. Dooley and Mr. Healey, once friends, had fallen in love with the same young lady, and had quarrelled bitterly over her. One challenged the other to a duel, and they quickly arranged a time and place. No one else was present that morning except the two men’s seconds. Dooley and Healey were determined to proceed in the ‘honourable’ way, but as they stood back-to-back with their pistols raised, they must have questioned what they were doing. Nerves gave way to terror as they slowly began pacing away from each other. When they had counted off the standard ten yards, they turned and fired. Dooley hit the ground immediately. Healey, believing he had killed Dooley, was seized with horror. But Dooley had merely fainted; the seconds confessed they had so feared the outcome that they loaded the pistols with blanks. Although this was a serious breach of duelling etiquette, both opponents gratefully agreed that honour had indeed been satisfied.

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    Crave on and on. And on.

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    malcolm in the middle was the realest show

    droppin science

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